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The Sporting Chef – SCOTT LEYSATH

Chef Leysath has spent a lifetime developing his own brand of fish and game cooking. He is among the best in the business at cooking anything exotic, but his culinary expertise extends well beyond wild game. He launched his TV career as the Executive Chef on HGTV’s “Home Grown Cooking with Paul James.” His TV shows on Sportsman Channel include the original “Sporting Chef” show, “HuntFishCook” and “Dead Meat”. He’s an avid hunter and angler who has developed a cult-like following over three decades of recipes, public appearances, cooking columns, cookbooks and TV shows. If you are not part of the world of outdoor enthusiasts, he might possibly be the best chef you’ve never heard of. To those who hunt and fish, he’s “The Sporting Chef.” 

Watch Scott on “The Sporting Chef” on Sportsman Channel and get his latest cooking tips on his YouTube channel

Sweetwater & Beyond

It seems odd to me that, in spite of traveling across the country for the past 20 years and spending a great deal of time in the Western U.S., I haven’t spent much time at all in Wyoming. A few weeks ago, I decided to remedy that situation and take my friends at Hi Mountain Seasonings up on their offer to put The Sporting Chef TV show on some wild trout.

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Find Your Track

I enjoy the company of dogs immensely. A day of hunting, fishing, kayaking, hiking, socializing at a brewery or just relaxing on the couch, is made better by sharing those experiences with a well behaved, happy dog. But not every experience is for every dog. I have...

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4 Reasons To Choose DIY Over Guided Hunts

1. Do it for the satisfaction and challenge it provides. I have been on guided hunts in the past. They were fun. Yet, to me, hunting is my area where I go out and challenge myself; where I learn something about what’s inside me; where I put myself in...

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