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Kenneth Tallent has traveled all over the world harvesting hundreds of animals in a majority of the United States, as well as Canada, Australia, Argentina, Mexico and New Zealand.

Kenneth has witnessed first-hand the different styles of running a hunting operation throughout his excursions; both the good and bad. With his past hunting experiences and affiliations, Kenneth believes that Double Lung Outdoors, LLC can add unparalleled value to a hunting operation.


Rick Frazier took his first deer in November of 1969, and for the last 45 years, his passion for the hunting sports has increased dramatically. He has hunted all around the globe and continues to do so as he chases his bucket list of animals to hunt. The past 34 years he has operated a farm machinery dealership and is looking forward to a new challenge – helping create an exceptional TV show.


I have enjoyed hunting with my husband for the past twenty years. We have been many places around the world hunting all species of animals. I manage the business side of our tractor dealership every day, and look forward to getting out of the office into the great outdoors as much as I can. I grew up fishing with my family but never hunted. When I married Rick Frazier, it didn’t take long to figure out if I was going to see him in his spare time, I had to go to the woods We have made a lot of friends in the hunting and fishing community and shared many memories around campfires and in the blind.


Johnny Kennedy has been a professional in the industry for over 40 years. As an essential part of the Double Lung Outdoors team, everyone looks to Johnny for advice when needed. He has longstanding professional and personal relationships with many industry leaders. Johnny brings his knowledge and experience to team Double Lung Outdoors for an added perk to the mix.



Chasing Texas Aoudad

Chasing Texas Aoudad

    The idea of this trip was to take our major sponsor Venture Roofing on an Aoudad hunting trip to the rough and tumble cactus country around Marathon Texas. I had just taken our truck to Triple C Welding, who builds special racks for...

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