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Step 2

Thanks for taking the first step towards becoming activated as an Orion Coolers’ Pro.

The next step if very important and must be completed prior to authorization into the program. Follow all the steps carefully to assure accuracy in pricing and delivery of your Orion Coolers and other Orion Accessories.

Follow this link to our online store and sign up for an account. Don’t forget to record or remember your new username and password.

Create My Store Account

We will begin the internal application authorization process, which may take a few days or a week at the longest. Once your status as an eligible Pro has been established we will add your new store account to our Authorized Pro Group which will automatically apply the appropriate discounts for any product that you order from our store.

We will notify you when the process has been completed.

Thank you,

Pro Purchase Program
Orion Coolers
931-739-COOL (2665)