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Charlie Ingram began his fishing career very humbly and after he graduated from Spring Hill High School in Tennessee, he moved to on to attend Middle Tennessee State University where he majored in English and began fishing in small local tournaments. In time he moved on to larger tournaments.

In the mid 70’s Ingram started fishing the BASS circuit, Ingram soon went on to win back to back tournaments; his first national tournament with a winning weight of 56.9 lbs. and became the first person to ever win 3 BASS National events in one calendar year. Ingram’s career included 8 Bassmasters Classics qualification and 4 FLW Championships.

His passion for fishing and the outdoors led Ingram to patent several different lures also create “Fishing University”, an instructional fishing TV show which has been airing for over 20 years. “Hunting University”, another one of Ingram’s TV programs, features hunts all over the United States, Mexico, Canada and New Zealand, offering viewers an inside look at hunting many species of animals.

Charlie Ingram is several things: a Champion angler, TV Show host, farmer, wildlife preservationist, entrepreneur, inventor and a businessman. Although his accomplishments are many, Ingram is most proud of his family all of whom have supported him and his passions over the years. His wife Susan, son Hunter, daughter-in-law Marion, and his daughter, Anna.

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