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One of my favorite features of the Ottawa River in Canada is the camping. Most people wouldn’t think of this being that for 99.9% of of the paddling community they only ever think of the Ottawa as a day run, especially with all the easy access Put-in and Takes outs, or Park and Play options.


Though the Ottawa truly is a true camping hot spot. With the endless amounts of sandy beaches, the plethora of side channels to hide away in, the warm summertime waters and world class fishing all add up to be just an epic camping trip no matter how many days you decide to sleep out on the river.


Whether you want a personal little getaway from the electronic world or a family overnight adventure the Ottawa River is the place to do it, it is one of my personal favorite things to do every summer.


This past summer we were able to do another couple Overnight Camping trips with the family.


Our Orion Cooler made it easy to pack all the food we needed, and keep everything beyond cool. Which was lucky for us, being our fishing for food ended with less success than we had hoped for.


We had an amazing night with campfire fun and watched the stars before heading to bed.


We woke the next day and had an awesome breakfast before we tried our luck at fishing some more, though with a continued little amount of fish we ended up packing up shop and heading back home.


In the end is was an amazing trip with lots of family fun and stories to last us until next summer when we try it all over again.

~ Nick Troutman