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BRAD FENSON – Outdoor Writer & Photographer

Brad Fenson is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys hunting, fishing and unique adventures. His passion for the outdoors leads him across North America collecting incredible photographs and story ideas from the continent’s most wild places.

Fenson started writing close to 30 years ago, and continues to expand his markets. He has been in print in over 65 publications in North America, and his photographs enjoy an even larger distribution. Fenson has been involved with several bestselling book projects, like Total Fishing Manual, Total Gun Manual and Total Outdoorsman Manual. Brad’s accomplishments are impressive with over 50 national communication awards for his writing and photography.

Brad travels extensively throughout Canada and the United States on various hunting and fishing adventures each year. This gives him the chance to field test some of the latest and most advanced gear coming on the market. Field testing rifles, shotguns, muzzleloaders, archery products, ammunition, optics, clothing, and camping gear, has provided Fenson with a broad knowledge base for modern sporting equipment. Brad works hard to learn new techniques and strategies to increase his knowledge as a hunter and angler, and then shares his understanding with readers and viewers.