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Brad Brooks – Argali

Adventure, conservation and a passion for exploring wild places are what drive Brad. Hunter, filmmaker, rock climber, writer and co-owner of Argali all describe Brad. Brad grew up in Idaho spending long days with his dad and brothers fly fishing remote streams,and learning how to live in the mountains chasing big game. Brad spends as much time as possible chasing big game in wild places and climbing rocks around the world. In addition to hunting, Brad is also a husband, and a father to a wild young daughter.

Brad is also a founder and co-owner of Argali. Argali is the premier site for backcountry hunters, whether you’re looking for gear, backcountry hunting films, do-it-yourself advice or tips on hunting in the wilderness. You can follow along on the adventure at @argali_official on Instagram or Facebook, or subscribe to our Youtube channel.

Find Your Track

I enjoy the company of dogs immensely. A day of hunting, fishing, kayaking, hiking, socializing at a brewery or just relaxing on the couch, is made better by sharing those experiences with a well behaved, happy dog. But not every experience is for every dog. I have...

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4 Reasons To Choose DIY Over Guided Hunts

1. Do it for the satisfaction and challenge it provides. I have been on guided hunts in the past. They were fun. Yet, to me, hunting is my area where I go out and challenge myself; where I learn something about what’s inside me; where I put myself in...

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