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Used in this adventure: Orion 65

Orion 65


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I was looking for a two day excursion for Kristine, KC, and myself in between kayaking trips and stumbled on a gem nestled in between the Ridge and Valley Appalachians and the Cumberland Plateau. We found an off-road park called Windrock. 72,000 acres of trails, camping, either up or down hill terrain, with no flats. I was particularly fired up to find amazing downhill mountain bike trails that the pros train on. After checking it out online, we loaded our Nissan Titan with an Orion 55, food and drinks for two days, two mountain bikes, a truck bed tent and camping gear, and a few GoPro cameras. A cold snap hit the region and 70 turned into 30’s and 40’s, which was perfect for enjoying a fire, snuggling in our sleeping bag, and enjoying the foliage. KC was so excited about sleeping in the tent that he couldn’t control himself. We have a double sleeping bag, which meant we had three of us in it. He thought that was the greatest idea ever.

A local guy gave us a few tips on some trails we might be able to get the Nissan Titan up, even though they are usually only used by ATVs. It turned out to be good advice and a lot of fun. I made all of the lines on my first try and no dents in the truck. Kristine packed cheese and salami for snacks, and burgers for dinner. After spending some time at the top of the mountain, we made the long decent and I hit up a mountain bike trail on the way down. I got KC on a bike for a bit as well but he needs way more practice before he can ride down these from the top.

Kristine put the Buckboard to good use for both the cheese and salami and the burgers on the Orion Cooler. I am pretty sure this piece of equipment is one of my favorites of all time. It makes preparing food easy and no trying to find knives, etc..


We got the camp set up in time to enjoy the sunset, having dinner right after and then watching the moon rise while enjoying some wine and quiet time. The only noise at night was the pair of skunks that came to see what scraps we might have left them. They were very cute and we just let them wander around as I couldn’t think of a big upside to chasing them off, but there is a big downside if things go wrong!


Breakfast, coffee, and some more looking around before we drove home, only 70 miles. Our Truck tent was pretty sweet and I think we’ll put it to good use in the future. We were able to fill up the air mattress with an electric pump that plugged into the truck bed. That made life easy.

I am now drinking a coke left over from the Orion 55 and the cooler is still full of ice a few days later. Cool beans… I am heading to Kentucky Lake this weekend and shouldn’t need more ice, awesome!

See you out there, somewhere….

Here is a quick video showcasing our time out there together, check it out!