It Ain't Always About Keeping Cold | Orion Coolers
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Just about everyone knows about the superior cold keeping capabilities of Orion coolers. I mean, they keep cold stuff cold for days on end just like they are supposed to, what else would you need them to do? Many years ago I learned how to use a cooler as a “warmer” and it has been a great asset to my cooking arsenal.


It started about the time I started frying turkeys but I have used it with many different types of meat. I needed to fry several birds for our family and for work and knew if I tried to keep them warm in the oven they would dry out. We decided to wrap them in foil and put them in a cooler to see if the insulation would help them stay warm. Boy did that ever work well! After a couple hours in the cooler the birds were moist from the steam and still too hot to cut without burning my fingers. It became my go to method if I had large cooks for big parties or if I didn’t want to tie up my evening on the grill. I can grill till done, go fish a few hours then have hot supper ready when I get home. This method works well on chickens, turkeys, steaks, ribs, briskets or just about any other chunk of meat you can throw over a fire.


This brisket cook ended up early in the day so we wrapped it in heavy foil and put it down in the Orion 25 along with a couple of Cajun smoked deer backstraps. It was 200 degrees on the internal temp when it was removed from the grill.

After 4 hours sitting in the Orion I was ready to slice it for supper and the internal temp was still 160 degrees! Sitting in the sauna inside the 25 it allowed the meat to continue to baste itself and man what a supper we had. Remember, sometimes the best use for an awesome cooler is not for keeping cold things cold, it can keep hot stuff hot!