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How long will Orion Coolers hold ice? How can I maximize ice retention?

There are a lot of claims out there in regards to how long coolers keep ice. The fact is that how long ice remains in a cooler is a function of number of factors. PRECOOLING YOUR COOLER IS KEY! You can check out our video on maximizing ice retention here. Most of us grab our cooler out of our garages or storage spaces, with summertime temperatures frequently hovering anywhere between 60 – 100 degrees. When you do that, your foam insulation is at that temperature. To get the most milage from your ice, precool your Orion six to 24 hours before packing for your expedition. Prechilling can be as simple as tossing a bag of ice into your Orion, allowing it to cool and pull the heat from the insulation trapped in the foam. Prior to packing, be sure to empty the partially-melted ice and begin with fresh ice. You could also turn it upside-down over an air-conditioning vent.
Other quick points to consider –

  • Like your freezer, your Orion is more efficient when packed to capacity. Fill those gaps with ice!
  • Minimize time spent opening and closing your Orion.
  • Keep your Orion out of direct sunlight whenever possible.
  • As your ice is consumed, refrain from the drain! Leaving cold water in your cooler helps increase retention.


Can you use dry ice in Orion Coolers?

Absolutely. However, dry ice must be handled properly – which means keeping out of direct contact between the dry ice and cooler surface. That means wrapping in multiple layers of newspaper, a towel, or something else that provides a little bit of protection from the direct thermal shock that dry ice can generate.


What size Orion Cooler is right for me?

We have a variety of sizes to accommodate every adventure!

Orion 25 – A portable, handy option for small game and waterfowl. Designed specifically to fit in the rear-tankwell of many kayaks. This is also a great choice for those with limited space and perfect for day-tripping.

Orion 35 – Sometimes a day trip turns into an overnighter. Sometimes you need a touch more volume for a full weekend. Sometimes you want a dedicated drink cooler. With a wider base and lower profile than the 25, this is a great weekender snag-free casting platform and perfect for glassing the field.

Orion 45 – Have a team of thirsty ball players? The 45 is a perfect fit for most teams, be they sideline, dugout or bench. This is a great size for those three-day weekend trips, boned-out quarters of small to mid-sized game and is still manageable while fully-loaded by one person. Side-by-sides will appreciate our six tie-down points; and this size is a fit for most.

Orion 55 – Have an *adult* team of thirsty ball players? Sporting a lower profile than the 55, this model holds more volume for bigger crowds and more adventure. Limit of salmon or quartered medium-sized game? This is your go-to. Adult beverages for an outdoor wedding? Got you covered. Little longer than a three-day weekend and less than a full-on week-long excursion? This is your workhorse. Great on a skiff as a casting platform with a stable, wide base and lower center of gravity than the 45.

Orion 65 – Big adventure, large quartered game, protecting 40 lb Dorado fillets, attending massive tailgate parties? We rate this as week-long strong. This is a size you can park on your big boat and know your goods will be good to go. BBQ Competition? This is for you. Add a couple of our cutting-board divider inserts and you can compartmentalize, organize and strategize your next trip to the field, whatever that may look like!

Orion 85 – Go big or go home? Yeah, that’s the 85s jam. Are you an outfitter delivering outstanding experiences for clients? Bringing home multiple quartered game? Multi-family picnic? Want to park the right cooler on the yacht? Bring it.


What warranty is offered to back up Orion Coolers?

Orion Coolers are built to last in the harshest conditions in the world! We stand behind our coolers with a ten-year limited lifetime warranty against defect in workmanship or materials. If you need to submit a claim you can do so here.


Can I order a custom Orion Cooler?

We are happy to mix and match the resins (colors) we have available for an additional $100. We strive to create the perfect Orion to your specification and vision! Custom colors are subject to blem and there is no guarantee your Orion will come out with the precise layup you have in mind – all Orions are unique! All custom orders are final and could take up to six weeks to complete.


What are the interior and exterior dimensions of the six sizes Orion Coolers offered?

The dimensions of each of the Orion Cooler sizes can be found on their comparison chart, or you can simply download a complete set of interior and exterior specs HERE.


Where can I purchase an Orion Cooler?

The fastest way to get your hands on a new Orion Cooler is to visit your local Orion dealer! You can find that listing here.

You can also purchase Orion Coolers from our online store.

Additionally, you can purchase from our factory in Sparta, Tenn. Please be aware are a manufacturing facility and not a retail facility – we have a limited showroom. Please call in advance to limit wait time during your visit! Directions to our factory are here.

For your best retail experience visit your local dealer!


If I buy a cooler at the orioncooler.com store, how long will it take to ship?

Orion Coolers uses Fed Ex for their shipping.  Below is their map showing how many days it takes via ground shipping:


'Orion Coolers'? What's that mean?

Orion, the ‘Great Hunter’ of Greek legend, was well known as a skilled hunter, master of beasts, and master of the seas. There are many legendary tales of Orion and his adventures in the wild. A great huntsman, Orion was set amongst the stars by the God Zeus upon his death, forever stalking the heavens.

Orion’s strength, dominance, skill, and timelessness are all traits of Orion Coolers.

Orion Coolers… what are *you* hunting?