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Bring on the Turkey!

by Dec 2, 2015Chris Funk, Orion 25 Cooler0 comments


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At the Funk house, we are serious about some turkey for the holidays! We usually have one for Thanksgiving one for Christmas and then any other holiday we can make fit a turkey. Yep, we love a good fried chunk of dead bird smothered in Cajun seasonings. I had to work this year (darn 4 letter word) so the turkey cooking and photographing duties fell to my 19 year old son Ethan. He has knocked the turkey out of the park for the last 3 years due to my job so he has proven himself more than capable with the task. This year the Orion 25 was a great help for the entire process.

We brine our birds for a couple days in a mixture of Cajun seasonings, rosemary, lemon and garlic. This puts and awesome flavor in the meat and keeps it moist through the entire cooking process. Our fat cat Lacy was very impressed with the standing pad but thought it was better for laying than standing.

After 2 days in the cold brine we pull out the bird, rub it with a little oil and add a generous shake of Cajun and mojo citrus seasonings. Then we put the turkey in the basket and take it to our Charbroil “Big Easy” oil-less fryer. After a short amount of time the carport is filled with a scent that will make a grown fella need a drool bib!

After the allotted cooking time he used a meat thermometer to check the temp and found out his calculation was perfect. It was time to bring out the bird and let it rest.

If it had been just for us we would have just whittled on that bird but this was headed to a larger family gathering. This is where the Orion comes back into play. By wrapping the bird in foil and putting it into the empty 25, it kept the heat and moisture from leaving the turkey. By the time it had traveled and everyone arrived at dinner, it was still too hot to touch while cutting. Ethan had done it again, a masterful job and a wickedly good bird. I didn’t get to get a bite till I got home from work but it was worth the wait. Now we just need an excuse to fry another!


~ Chris Funk