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Alaska – Still A Frontier

by | Nov 21, 2017 | Double Lung Outdoors TV, Orion Hunting, Stories | 0 comments


Cooler used on this expedition: Orion 65

Orion 65


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September – the Double Lung Outdoors Crew heads for the wilderness and the Alaskan Experience looking for Moose, Bear, and Wolf. Little did we know this would change each day but we knew to be prepared for whatever came our way.

We left Dallas and headed to Fairbanks to meet up with our friend and hunting partner Mark Sprengel from Washington State. Mark was waiting for us at Pikes Waterfront Lodge, an awesome place from the past with great food and hospitality.

The next day we rented a truck and headed to Healy, Alaska where we would meet up with Coke and JoAnn from Midnight Sun Safaris – our guides and mentors for the next ten days in the bush. After spending the night there, we were preparing to leave to catch our ride to the bush. This was a small plane which would get us and our gear there with after a 40 minute flight. Unfortunately, due to high winds we were not able to leave and had to wait an additional day besides for the wind to lay down enough to get us flown in. Sometimes the weather just doesn’t cooperate with our plans.. but as you all know, that’s hunting!

Finally, we were off to the bush country and landing on a small airstrip at what was called The Moody.

It was a great camp setup with cook shack, cabins .. with heat!!! YEA!! Now the adventure begins to take place as we get all set and unloaded. We settled in, met all the guides and wranglers and took time to check our bows and rifles to begin our hunting adventure.

Day 1 we traveled on horseback through streams, marshes and mountains searching for Moose. Kenneth and Jeron went one direction and Mark and I went another. Both groups rode out with a guide and a wrangler. What beautiful country with the tall mountains, running rivers – all breathtaking! We saw several Moose but none legal to shoot. Both groups saw lots of Dall sheep along our journey.

This trip was filled full of adventures; we saw lots of Moose, wolves chasing moose calves, eagles, bear and lots of sheep.

Day 2 was pretty much the same but the rain and cold and snow started to set in.

Day 3 was cold and wet so Mark I decided to sit on top of a hill and watch that morning as Kenneth and Jeron headed out back into the deeper mountains and bush. We decided walk to a point on a hill about 800 yds from camp for the day. As we started up the mountain our wrangler McKenzie hollered “Wolves!”, and the action began to take a fast pace.

With the Guide and Wrangler ahead of us, we both had to climb fast to get into shooting position. As luck would have it, the Wolf came was approximately 160 yds out crossing a stream, and Mark was able to take the shot – Wolf down! After we retrieved our kill we decided to sit the rest of the day. This turned out to be a great decision! Later in the day, a shooter Moose came down through the marsh and directly towards us. Mark was able to take a beautiful 60” Moose. What an incredible day for Mark and I!

As Days 4 and 5 continued on, the snow and rain continued, making it cold and wet. Kenneth and Jeron were saddled up each day and off to Moose country no matter the weather. We came to Hunt!

It was the last day of the hunt and still snowing and wet as Kenneth and Jeron left that morning. They saw several Moose during the day but none quite large enough, and was getting close to time on the last day to find one. Our guide Coke suddenly spotted a big shooter about 2 miles away through his spotting scope so the crew saddled up and off they went and came right through camp in a hurry headed across the river and just gave us a thumbs up as Mark and I stood there cheering them on. Just getting close to dark we heard the shot and knew Kenneth had at least gotten a shot, and sure enough they returned late that night with the good news Moose Down..

The experience was another challenge of which we look forward to on every hunt and this was no exception. The people you meet and sharing tales around the campfire and enjoying what the Good Lord has provided for us in this country and the beauty he left for us to protect there are no words for.

Thanks to Everyone at Midnight Sun Safari’s for all they did to make our hunt successful, from Coke, JoAnn, the owners and Joann’s awesome meals, the guides and wranglers that kept things ready and worked so hard to make our hunt successful – we thank you all!

If you’re looking for an Adventure in Alaska, whether it be Moose, Bear, Sheep, or even Wolves, the folks at Midnight Sun Safaris can make it happen.

The Double Lung Outdoors Team want to thank Orion Coolers for their support and the best cooler out there as we venture hunting and fishing around the world.

Outhouse With A View

The Double Lung Outdoors Team wishes you all a safe and Great Outdoor Season.