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4 Reasons To Choose DIY Over Guided Hunts

by | Nov 29, 2017 | Feature Post, Orion Hunting, Randy Newberg, Stories | 0 comments

1. Do it for the satisfaction and challenge it provides.

I have been on guided hunts in the past. They were fun. Yet, to me, hunting is my area where I go out and challenge myself; where I learn something about what’s inside me; where I put myself in situation where I get to decide the outcome. It is hard to get that from a guided hunt. You never know how far you can push yourself until you are in that situation. Be prepared; study all you can and then get out there and challenge yourself. I bet you will be surprised.

2. For most of us, it’s how we learned hunting.

Where I started hunting northern Minnesota, we all hunted on our own. I didn’t know any guides or outfitters; didn’t know anyone who had ever hunted with one until I moved out west. I was lucky that I grew up with public lands out my back door. If not for public lands, I would not be a hunter.

3. It is how I connect with people.

I look at how important the public lands, and the opportunity they provide, are to the future of hunting in America. Most of the hunting on those public lands is self-guided hunting; the family who heads out for a long weekend, hoping to find some winter meat and make some life-long memories. Those are the people I connect with daily. And hopefully by seeing my TV show, they connect with my message.

4. Do DIY because shrinking public land access is an issue we need to combat.

Every study shows “access to places to hunt” as the reason people quit hunting or do not get into hunting. The greatest threat to hunting access in my part of the world is the politician who thinks our public lands are some sort of currency for them to repay political favors. I get rather animated when politicians start messing with hunting access, especially public land access that has taken hunters over a century to acquire. If hunting access had cost a dollar a day, I would not have had the money to become a hunter.
When something of value is built, as is the case with America’s public lands and the hunting access they provide, history shows that people and politicians will try to make those assets their own. We see it happening today. If these privateers are successful, their efforts will destroy a critical foundation to our hunting future; the public lands of America.
Given the importance these lands hold for the future of hunting in America, divesting Americans of these public lands is a battle that will be fought with the last breath in my body. And, I suspect the same answer would be provided by the millions of American hunters who depend on these public lands for their hunting access. The lands are there – go use them.
~ Randy Newberg, Hunter